Técnicas Reunidas is Looking for a Commissioning Manager

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Work Position: Commissioning Manager

Depending on: Site Manager

Job Description

Under the direction of the Site Manager, He/She is responsible for the Project Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning phases and their fulfilment with costs and times, under Environment, Safety and Health requirements, and in accordance with the Quality System implemented on Site.

Roles and responsibilities of Commissioning Manager are:

•    To draw up the Programs for Pre-commissioning and Commissioning and report it to the Site Manager in advance in order to prepare the delivery and Mechanical completion of the Plant.

•    Through scheduled meetings and depending on the Mechanical completion progress, a program will be established for delivery of finished work, preferably by Work Units or Operative Systems (Subsystems). This program will be defined during the Home Office project jobs by the Pre-commissioning Engineer and/or CLIENT.

•    Guarantee that the project will be handed over according with the TR procedures in or agreed with Client.

•    Responsible for the application of the Environment, Safety and Health Rules and Regulations during the works performed in the area transferred to his authority. In particular Work Permit System

•    In close collaboration with the Client, the Commissioning Manager identifies the Systems that must receive special treatment, such as chemical cleaning, steam cleaning, drying, etc. and checks the acceptance criteria (defined by Client).

•    He/She prepares detailed instructions for Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Start up, and all pertinent manuals in co-ordination with the Vendors Assistance, the Site Manager and the CLIENT. He/She shall consider detailed requirements by Contract specifications, and advise to the Site Manager on each of these stages (and its requirements).

•    To ensure that the Vendors Representative and their specialists carry out the required work within the Contractual requirements and on the shortest time possible.

•    Co-ordinate and control all the activities of Pre-commissioning and Commissioning supported by the Construction Supervision team. Direct Workforce shall be granted by the Subcontractors.

•    To perform periodically reports on the progress of the Pre-commissioning, and Commissioning.

•    To attend co-ordination meetings with the Subcontractors and Vendors to deal with any matter referring to Pre-commissioning and Commissioning stages, as required.

•    To accept and sign Mechanical Completion Acceptance Certificates -by Operation Systems Units or the general Plant- for the Turn Over from the construction to commissioning. He/She will prepare all the concerning certificates at the end of the Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Start-up, and all performance tests to be signed by the Client.

•    If by Contract, the Pre-commissioning and Commissioning were the Clients responsibility, deliveries to be prepared by the Commissioning Manager will be according with the Contractual requirements for this advising position, if existing.

•    Responsible for organizing with Client the walkthrough planning and the Punch List (PL) generation.

•    Supervision of punch list items for its closure by the Construction and/ or Commissioning Team.

Eligible candidates send your CV in English to nbakarova@tecnicasreunidas.es  11.01.2021  with subject line: Commissioning Manager.

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the further stages of the recruitment process.


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