Tecnicas Reunidas is Looking for a Senior Instrumentation & Control Engineer

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Work Position: Senior Instrumentation & Control Engineer

Depending on: Engineering Manager

MAIN Activity: Instrumentation data gathering and general Supervision, Interface and Coordination Works.

General Scope of work:

Senior Instrument Engineer will be in charge of general Supervision, Interface and Coordination Works of Data Gathering of Instrumentation and control systems between the following parties:

  • Client: SOCAR-HAOR, plant owner
  • Tecnicas Reunidas (TR) acting as EPCM: Engineering Procurement Construction Management of the whole Project;
  • Third party: Sub-Contractor to assist TR by retrieving detailed information of the existing Instrumentation & Control systems related to field instrumentation, packaged units, analyzers and laboratory.

Detailed tasks and Duties:

The main focus where the most important activity is foreseen will be performed by the third part Sub-Contractor. He will provide detailed information about the existing instrumentation and mainly the instrumentation to be reused.

The technical information and documentation shall be verified on site to guarantee it matches and reflects the real situation, either the documentation has been obtained from Employer´s repositories or obtained directly from the site condition.

Documentation to be compiled / gathered includes but not limited to the following:

  • Instrument Data Sheets (electronic & pneumatic), including equipment packages.
  • Instrument lists
  • P&IDs and drawing marking: instrumentation to be dismantled.
  • Instrument location plans (electronic & pneumatic)
  • Cables and cable trays/ trenches routings
  • Junction Boxes location drawings
  • Instrument air lay-out drawings
  • Wiring diagrams 8 JBs, local panels, PLCs, Marshalling Cabinets, system Cabinets, Servers, etc.)
  • Electronic & pneumatic hook-ups
  • Control systems Architecture diagrams
  • Logic diagrams
  • C/E & control narratives
  • I/O lists
  • Buildings lay-outs
  • Power distribution

The Sub-Contractor shall also assist EPCM on performing proofing and dynamic check list activities to complete the work.

Such activities shall be but not limited to:

  • Visual, mechanical, electronic inspection on existing instrumentation.
  • Functional inspection on existing instrumentation.
  • Site verification of predesigns done in Home Office and final design of them, up to the last necessary detail to perform the construction.
  • Elaborating dismantling P&IDs and drawings.
  • Verification of cable routings.
  • Verification of current PCS system, consoles, software, memory and refreshing time verification.
  • Verification of communications cabinets (patch panel) and switches / routers checking.

Eligible candidates send your CV in English to nbakarova@tecnicasreunidas.es  19.10.2020 with subject line: Senior Instrumentation & Control Engineer.

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the further stages of the recruitment process.


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