TechnipFMC is Looking for a Project Control Manager

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Main duties: Project Control Manager (ACTS OF INSTALLATION MANAGER)

He is linked to the Project Director/Project Manager to whom he reports. He has at his disposal a jobsite team and logistic resources suitable for the development of the task.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES.                                                            

The overall responsibility for managing the task described at point 3 below, in particular to properly perform the task with the required quality, accuracy and timing. He will interface with several Job Site functions such as:

• Field Engineering and Material Management                          

• Procurement and Warehouse                                                                 

• Cost Control                                                                                             

• Construction Supervision                                                                  

• Planning / Progress Reporting                                                              

• Subcontract Management                                                                  

• Administration and Logistic

3. TASKS                                                                                                     

The main task is to prepare and provide to  the Employer ( Azerikimya) the information suitable to issue the Acts of Installation of the Units/ Systems relevant to the  “ Azerikimya Modernization Project – EPC”.

To perform the above , the Acts of Installation Manager will:                 

• Define the detailed procedure to perform the task and agree on it with the Employer;                                                                                                     • Define the proper Work Breakdown Structure suitable for the specific task;                                                                                                              • Select the proper tools and Data Base;                                                                 

• Plan the Activity and Define the Team;                                                       

• Select, among Azeri National resources, the proper skills to be part of the Team;                                                                                                                 • Coordinate the Team;                                                                                            

• Interface with Client with regular Progress and Coordination meetings;                                                                                                                      • Keep the interface with information holders as Field Engineering, Warehouse, Field Procurement;                                                                              • Interface with Home Office to get information missing or not clear in the Database.

  • Check and approve the work before submission to Employer.

Required Work Experience:

– At least twenty (20) years experience in Oil & Gas Industrial including Petrochemical projects;

– Experience in cost management, planning, estimating, scheduling and other project controls functions for large capital projects;

– Professional work experience with project controls software and web-based program/construction management information systems required;

– Working experience in budgeting/accounting processes , forecasting, and procedures, contract administration, scheduling, planning, and project management;

– Experience in preparation of Project Control procedures (Planning, Reporting, Invoicing, Change Orders) tailoring Company general procedures with contractual requirements;

– Experience in tracking and projection of Project Quantities;

– Experience in Cost Control of projects cost areas (Services – Home and Site Office; Equipment and Materials, Transportation; Construction; Financial; Insurance);

– Experience of work on position of Contract Manager (Contracts Mangement) on projects relevant to the  Oil and Gas Industry

– Experience of work on position of Cost Control Manager on projects relevant to the  Oil and Gas Industry

Deadline for the position: the 04th September 2020


– Engineering Degree

Essential Skills:

– Strong knowledge of “Technip Quality Standards”                                         

– Strong knowledge of Technip HSE policy                                                            

– Strong Technical Writing Skills                                                                             

– Procurement & planning skills                                                                              

– Strong Analytical skills : to assess organizational systems                        

– Software skills:  Microsoft Office Package & Company EDMS

– Organizational skills and a methodical approach to work;

– Excellent Project Management skills;

– Planning and Time Management – to ensure that projects are

completed within set timeframes.

– Financial and Budget Management – making sure that the project is

completed within a financial budget.

– Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;

– Accuracy and attention to detail;

– Negotiation skills;

– Good at math and statistics

– Strong organizational and problem-solving skills

– Risk management;

– Team management;

– Task Management;

Desired Skills:

– Good written and spoken English & Italian

– Teamworking skills

– Consistent performer with a strong track record, positive attitude, with ability to handle assignments under high pressure

Please, send your resume and other corresponding documents to : Fidan.kerimova@external.technipfmc.com


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