International Company is Looking for a Project Technical Manager

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Position: Project Technical Manager

Work Location: Base Office (30 km away from the city centre)

Position Schedule: 1 year (renewable)

Education: Master’s degree in Mechanical / Structural / Naval Engineering


Skills and Competences:

  • Knowledge of infrastructural construction activities and techniques. Ability to ensure:

– effective inter-function relationships

– effective interpretation of project requirements

– correct definition of quality and timing for engineering deliverables

  • Familiarity with fabrication and installation techniques in order to:

– ensure effective inter-function relationships in the entire EPIC chain

– understand and follow compliance with project requirements

– correctly define the quality and timing of deliverables (engineering and procurement)

– correctly define the quality and timing of deliverables (engineering and procurement)

– monitor deviation from planned workflow and deliverables reception, correctly activating the management of change process to implement the best corrective actions (to support fabrication at site and grant correct project execution);

  • Knowledge of engineering and technological requirements ensuring an effective critical issue management during both project planning and control activities;
  • Capability to plan discipline engineering activities and documentation deliverables in order to meet Project schedule milestones considering design workflows and engineering interfaces with all other project disciplines and functions. Capability to manage dynamic changes due to endogenous and exogenous factors;
  • Capability to monitor project activity progress (single/multiple function activities) and to prevent potential issues with appropriate corrective actions. Contribute to Project reporting for the relevant engineering part;
  • Capability to analyse engineering documents (e.g. Instruction to Tender and subcontractor documents, etc. Identifying improvement areas in terms of cost/time optimization;
  • Capability to define the Project general rules and guidelines for Discipline quantities estimation either on Bid Projects or on Projects in execution, according to Corporate design standards, procedures, methods and tools. Capability to control and ensure the correct application of the general rules and guidelines by all team members and all subcontractors involved in quantity definition activities;
  • Knowledge of Project Management Tools and Methodologies;
  • Capability to evaluate and analyse direct and indirect costs in order to minimize them in accordance with contract requirements and project objectives;
  • Capability to handle subcontracted engineering work packages defining the scope of work, the milestones and documentation deliverables. Capability to control the quality, the costs and the timing of the subcontracted activities ensuring the compliance with project scheduling and goals and with contract requirements;
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills;
  • Strong managerial skills.

Languages: Azerbaijani (fluent); English (fluent)


  • Manage, supervise project process/engineering design activities according to contract requirements and project objectives. Ensure time cost quality project objectives are met, through direct coordination and management of project engineering team and close coordination with the relevant engineering product line central function;
  • Cooperate and support project managers/directors in defining, monitoring and updating project execution plans promoting an active interaction with project team key functions;
  • Define project engineering organisation charts, staffing the roles with engineering Head of Department;
  • Ensure review of contractual documents engineering related interfacing with other project functions;
  • Ensure correct consideration and application of technological requirements in all project phases up to the handing over of the plant to the Client;
  • Ensure skills, know-how and methods for the relevant technologies are developed and available and that an appropriate plan for training is in place;
  • Participate in defining the overall project planning and scheduling, directly supervising the finalization of engineering plans and schedule, including the architecture of detail engineering outsourcing;
  • Promote and participate to the induction of the engineering team to contract/project requirements;
  • Participate to Risk management and other interfunctional reviews for the engineering concerns;
  • Coordinate execution of multidisciplinary engineering activities, and manage activities assigned to external Engineering Centres and/or other Engineering Companies involved in the project;
  • Ensure effective interdisciplinary coordination verifying adequacy and consistency of design solutions;
  • Take necessary technical decisions in case of unresolved conflicts between disciplines, ensuring that the engineering team properly interfaces with other project team members;
  • Ensure that adopted technical solutions are in line with project cost and time schedule objectives, taking appropriate action to avoid, absorb or minimize deviations;
  • Supervise issue of engineering deliverables approving key multidisciplinary documents of own competence;
  • Support Project Manager in relations with Client and/or Licensors regarding process and specialist engineering problems;
  • Promote and attends to design, safety, 3D model reviews supervising the follow-up of the outcomes;
  • Participate to contract management giving technical support to PM for variations requests and change orders;
  • Consolidate engineering hours and material budgets based on discipline departments budgets and control it during the course of the project alerting Project Management in case of variation and suggest mitigation measures;
  • Ensure freezing of project engineering documents and engineering close out in accordance with project schedule;
  • Ensure carrying out of all engineering activities that support material/construction procurement process services;
  • Ensure availability of Commissioning/Start-up Plans with the Operating Manuals and Mechanical Manuals;
  • Ensure that lessons learned for engineering are clearly identified, granting the monitoring of plant performances to capitalize experiences identifying area of improvement in close coordination with the relevant product line central functions.

Applications to be submitted to azerbaijan.recruitment@yahoo.com indicating position title in the subject line.


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