TechnipFMC HSE PTW Coordinator

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HSE PTW Coordinator Job Description:

HSE PTW Coordinator is responsible for the proper implementation of “Permit to Work” (PTW) System at site in order to establish a safe working environment, providing also support and guidance to COC for the implementation of the above mentioned System and auditing its performance.

The objectives of the position are to coordinate and manage the relevant work permits and all the required documentation (MS, JHA, etc.) necessary to operate in controlled working areas.

General Responsibilities:

  • Oversee and implement the PTW System.
  • Coordinate the organisation of meetings if and when required to resolve any interface issues relating to permits to work.
  • Prepare and registering permits to work.
  • Screen permits to work on submission.
  • Coordinate site activities – identify conflicts.
  • Check that defined precautions are in place prior to start of work.
  • Cancel or close-out permits.
  • Keep updated in hard copy and software database a file containing all issued permits
  • Generate monthly reports of all issued permits.
  • Audit the performances of PTW System.

Reporting to: HSE Manager/s.

Required Work experience:

–  At least five (5) years experience in relevant position

– At least five (5) years experience in Oil & Gas Industry

– Experience in planning of manpower and work distribution within 

  group of engineers;

– Experienced in implementing safety guidelines according to the safety observance cards (SOC) and employee’s daily behavior, to improve overall performance of the organization’s HSE;

– Experienced in planning of emergency evacuation procedures and drills for potential emergency scenarios.;

– Experienced in feedback reports meetings with a Client regarding areas for improvement;

– Experienced in Inspection of safety equipment;

–  Experienced on Construction Projects including Geothermal plant as well as a polyethylene processing plant;

Essential Skills

– Strong knowledge of “Technip Quality Standards”                                       

 – Strong knowledge of Technip HSE policy                                                           

 – Strong Technical Writing Skills                                                                            

– Procurement & planning skills                                                                              

 – Strong Analytical skills : to assess organizational systems                        

– Software skills:  Microsoft Office Package & Material Management proggrams (MARIAN & BPS System)

Organization skills and a methodical approach to work;

– Excellent Project Management skills;

– Planning and Time Management – to ensure that projects are

completed within set timeframes.

– Resource Management – ensuring that equipment is available

throughout the building project;

– Financial and Budget Management – making sure that the project is

completed within a financial budget.

– Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;

– Accuracy and attention to detail;

– Negotiation skills;

– Good at math and statistics

– Strong organizational and problem-solving skills

– Risk management;

– Team management;

– Task Management;

Desired Skills and Qualifications:

– Good written and spoken English and Italian

– Teamworking skills

– Consistent performer with a strong track record, positive attitude,

  with ability to handle assignments under high pressure

Required Education:

–  Engineering Degree

Please, send your resume and other corresponding documents to: Kerimova.fidan@external.technipfmc.com

Deadline for the position is the 18th June 2020


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