Azerbaijan Practically Becomes Dependent from One Country in Import of AI-95 Gasoline

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Azerbaijan imported 21 thousand 785.51 tons of Premium Euro-95 motor gas in the amount of $ 15 million 515.9 thousand in January-April 2020.

According to the State Customs Committee, 21 thousand 266.13 tons of Premium Euro-95 gasoline worth $ 15 million 64.69 thousand were imported from Russia, and 519.39 tons for $ 451.21 thousand – from Iran.

Thus, 97.6% of imports came from the Russian Federation.

In April, premium Euro-95 gasoline imports amounted to 6 thousand 472.65 tons for $ 3 million 950.33 thousand. The entire volume of deliveries was made from Russia.

In addition, in January-April 2020, Azerbaijan imported Super Euro-98 gasoline in the amount of 748.32 tons in the amount of $ 639.86 thousand.

At the same time, 249.9 tons worth $ 220.61 thousand Super Euro-98 gasoline were imported from Belarus, 59.53 tons worth $ 53.76 thousand from Greece, 229.06 tons worth $ 201.45 thousand from Russia, 209.83 tons per $ 164.04 thousand – from Romania.

In April, import of Super Euro-98 gasoline to Azerbaijan was not carried out.

It should be noted that in 2019 Azerbaijan imported 53.8 thousand tons of Premium Euro-95 gasoline in the amount of $ 40.66 million and 1.86 thousand tons of Super Euro-98 gasoline in the amount of $ 1.64 million.
Azerbaijan has been importing gasoline since April 2014. Over the past two years, during the stoppage of the Baku Oil Refinery for scheduled maintenance, Azerbaijan also imports AI-93 gasoline. 


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