Another tanker with Azerbaijani oil arrives at Odessa port

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Another tanker with Azerbaijani Azeri Light oil for the Belarusian Mozyr Oil Refinery has arrived at the Ukrainian port of Odessa on April 12, Spokesperson of the Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry (Belneftekhim Concern) Alexander Tishchenko told Trend.

“A tanker with Azeri Light oil arrived at the Odessa port at night of April 13. Unloading of the oil is ongoing. Within a few days, oil from the tanker in Odessa port will be delivered to the Belarusian Mozyr Oil Refinery via pipeline for processing,” he said.

The arrival of this tanker with oil purchased from SOCAR was expected on April 11. The volume of this batch will be about 85,000 tons.

The spokesperson earlier said that other deliveries are also possible, but everything will depend on the dynamics of the development of the market.

Previously, SOCAR planned to send a new batch of Azerbaijani oil to Belarus from the Georgian port of Supsa on April 8.

SOCAR sent previous batch of oil to Belarus in the amount of 85,000 tons from Georgia’s port of Supsa on March 23.

First batch of Azerbaijani oil for 90,000 tons was sent to Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry (Belneftekhim) on March 5-6.

Mozyr Oil Refinery started refining the first batch of Azerbaijani oil bought from SOCAR.

Earlier, spokesperson for Belneftekhim concern Alexander Tishchenko said that SOCAR will send two tankers of oil in the amount of 160,000 tons to the port of Odessa, which will be further transported via the Odessa-Brody pipeline.



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