International Company is Looking for Well Test Project Coordinator

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Position: Well Test Project Coordinator      

Minimum 10-15 years related field experience.  At least  3-4 years in equivalent  or level down management role.

 Degree qualified/Graduate Mechanical Engineer or equivalent experience

 Well Test Project Coordinator:

The Project Coordinator is the focal point for the segments, third parties and client on coordination style OFS projects. The Project Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the quality delivery of services by the Segments, and third parties if applicable, as described in the contract and scope of work.

 – Act as focal point for the client in all aspects concerning the project

– Coordinate Company services and communicate client demands to segments

– Assist in coordinating logistics for all integrated service providers

– Prioritize with client and resolve issues with segments

– Promotes continuous improvement process

– Provide weekly report covering actual status, progress and problem


– Ensures that the client is informed about the Company’s latest


– Promote a solution mentality rather than a service mentality within


– Follow-up on all issues related to Company  invoices- internally

and externally

– Reconcile invoices with client

– Monitor incentive scheme

These responsibilities represent the basic requirements for the coordinator. In projects where the scope of service integration extends

Significantly beyond the above mentioned, the coordination team would have to be reinforced by the relevant positions or additional competencies.     

 in deep knowledges and expertise in Well-testing processes.

Analytical work. Offshore work experience.Personnel:

Leader. Ability to perform under pressure Adaptable to field conditions (rig environment, offshore/land) Ability to work effectively in teams Good communication skills. Strong commitment to Safety, Quality, efficiency. Performance focused

Additional Skills:

Management leadership skills
Time management
HSE Certificates
Reservoir Management
Identify Risk

Perform Qualitative Risk Evaluation

Develop Risk Response

Conduct Job Program Review

Plan and Perform Assessment

Create Direct Sales Order

Verify and Prepare Resources at Product Line Location

Prepare Resources

Verify Resources

Implement Risk Response

Monitor Risk

Prepare Job Invoice Supporting Documentation

Conduct Service Delivery Closure

Compile and Propose Job

Prepare Customer Cost Estimate

Close Out Contract

Analyze Customer Contract Operational Performance

Identify and Capture Leads

Resolve Billing Dispute

Develop Consensus Unit of Activity Forecast

Develop Consensus Resource Demand Forecast

Manage Equipment Performance Data Feedback

Maintain Personal Competency Profile

Manage Employee Competency

Investigate Event

Manage Incident Recovery

Conduct Initial Incident Response

Develop Direct Contribution Margin Forecast

Develop Consensus Revenue Forecast

Plan Risk Management

Maintain Team Engagement

Collect Market Activity Intelligence

Interested candidates shall e-mail their CVs’ to azerecruitment@slb.com with name of position in e-mail title.


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