International Company is Looking for Maintenance Technician 3

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Position: MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN – 3                

Minimum 5 to 10 years related field experience.  At least 5-10 years in equivalent or level down role.

Degree qualified: Technical Engineering Diploma /relevant experience

Maintenance Technician 3:

1.Complies with all Company & Regulatory HS&E & Quality standards and policies. Wears all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required & maintains required HS&E & SQ certifications up-to-date.

2.Supervises and performs preventative, planned and unplanned maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs on company equipment and components according to Company standards and the STEM program in the workshop and at the well site.

3. Assists the Maintenance Supervisor/Manager in supervisory and managerial roles: • Daily planning, duties and performance of maintenance personnel and tasks • Training and development of maintenance personnel.

• Budget control, parts inventory control and purchasing using FA and SWPS. • Promoting job safety and quality.

4.Will have developed the following competencies:

• Fully competent on STEM-II and STEM-III in not less than two sub-segments with expert knowledge in some areas.

• Expert competency in the maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of the WS unit mechanical systems (hydraulics, pneumatics, pumps, unit engines, drive trains and transmissions). Able to perform main component changes on engines, pumps, transmissions, etc

• Has intermediate level competency of the troubleshooting of electronic/electrical systems (electronic, electrical, sensors, HMI’s, communication systems, DCU’s, monitoring and recording equipment and instrumentation).

• Expert user in the use and application of Fleet Assistant and InTouch

5. Competent in the safe and proper operation of selected items of WS equipment and their operational and technical characteristics. Keeps current on new mechanical equipment and maintenance techniques.

6. Acts as mentor and coach to maintenance personnel. Coaches Equipment Operators/FS/FE’s in the correct STEM-I procedures.

7. Develops own personnel and management skills and continues to develop competency levels for promotion to the next level as per the WS Maintenance SCDP. Reviews and discusses progress with Supervisor and maintains training records in LMS.

8. Plays a leader role in the District HS&E & Quality initiatives and programs (eg. SOIM’s, Risk Assessments, Quality Improvements, ERP, HSE and SQ Objectives, LPT and SQC).

 9. Responsible for the proper documentation of all aspects of each maintenance task (eg. Labor tracking and Repair Orders in Fleet Assistant, STEM reporting, Best Practices in InTouch, etc.).

10. Performs a Risk Analysis (eg. HARC, JSA, Stepback 5×5) before each job or task to identify & address potential safety hazards. Corrects and reports hazards immediately in QUEST.

11. Uses the Company computer-based systems for the planning, documentation and information relating to maintenance tasks (eg. Fleet Assistant, InTouch).

12. Supervises and performs housekeeping duties as part of the maintenance team to maintain cleanliness in the shop and work areas.    


Analytical work. Offshore work experience. Working in an extreme condition.

Operational experience with different fields and technologies

Leader. Ability to perform under pressure Adaptable to field conditions (rig environment, offshore/land) Ability to work effectively in team Good communication skills. Strong commitment to Safety, Quality, efficiency. Performance focused

Interested candidates shall e-mail their CVs’ to azerecruitment@slb.com with name of position in e-mail’s title.


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