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Repair Mentor/Instructor

As a Repair Mentor/Instructor you will be responsible for providing training and guidance to the newly hired technical team and will mentor and train them in the specific requirements of the NOV equipment, systems and processes. You will be a trained NOV Competency Management System (Workplace) assessor and will be responsible for mentoring the local repair technicians and assessing their progress through to completion of their Discipline Skill Level and Product Skill Level competency modules. The role is hands-on working alongside the local repair technicians to support them in disassembly, inspection, rebuild and testing of various NOV Rig Technologies Equipment. Key to this role will be the driving of continual improvement processes, enhancing efficiency and performance within the local team.

Main Responsibilities:

As Repair Mentor/Instructor you develop and assess the competencies of the repair technicians to ensure they can perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Read, interpret and follow basic diagrams, engineering drawings, specifications, bills of materials, and other written instructions or procedures to accurately assemble equipment and products.
  • Be proficient with the use of engineering measuring tools – Micrometres, Vernier Gauges, Dial Indicators. 
  • Carry out work instructions as given by Supervisor, e.g. work specifications, equipment operation.
  • Complete Facility maintenance tasks as directed by supervisor.
  • Ensure all job-related QA Plans, Work scopes, Route Carts, Inspection Reports, Test Reports and Build sheets are filled out as the job progresses.
  • Conduct equipment Testing / FATs in accordance with NOV procedures.
  • Identify product defects and complete appropriate documentation when defects are identified
  • Rework and/or repair assembled equipment and products according to engineering specification changes
  • Support key initiatives such as on time delivery, schedule attainment, cost of quality
  • Generate and implement improvement ideas and encourage idea generation among team members and stop work for safety and escalate concerns.
  • Carry out trouble shooting of Equipment / Systems and be familiar with and use of proactive root cause problem solving (Fishbone / 5Ys etc.)
  • Support all NCR reporting. 
  • Willingly assist Supervisor to eradicate identified potential areas of non-conformance.
  • Respond to identified process improvements and implement them willingly.
  • Actively engaging in positive discussions regarding potential problematic areas at daily team brief meetings.
  • Report discrepancies in job procedures, processes and route times as soon as they are identified. Communicate them to the Supervisor and implement changes when requested.
  • Strive to assist with maintaining all relevant KPIs in Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Engagement whilst identifying areas for improvement.
  • Action all tasks assigned to maintain high levels of target achievement as designated by Supervisor.
  • Accountable for the correct movement of job components through the workflow process ensuring items are staged in designated areas at all times.
  • Operate designated machines safely and competently, ensuring that all HSE and housekeeping standards are maintained.
  • Take part and contribute in toolbox talks.
  • Actively take part in the company competency program.
  • Demonstrate awareness of company objectives, policies and procedures.
  • Promote and adhere to health and safety policies and procedures without exception.
  • Ensure all company policies surrounding, health & safety, quality requirements and housekeeping are met.
  • Adheres to inspection criteria, policies and procedures without exception.
  • Maintain housekeeping (clean, safe, a place for everything & everything in its place) in your allocated areas at all times
  • Work with Local NOV technicians to develop their experience with the NOV equipment range. Identify development strategies for the same.
  • Carry out other duties as and when business requirements dictate as may be reasonably expected by line manager.

Main Requirements to Candidate:



  • An exceptional ability to understand, evaluate and apply technical information
  • Capable of keeping abreast of an evolving portfolio of products and services
  • Able to understand the business needs and drivers
  • Delivers solutions and decisions that are effective and constructively impact both NOV and our customer’s organisation


  • Adept at exercising good judgement (sometimes with incomplete information) whilst being constrained by tight deadlines
  • Able to apportion time effectively to complete tasks
  • Be willing to provide colleagues with the information they need to complete their tasks and eliminate roadblocks
  • Able to define, work within and improve business processes whilst exercising good judgement based on immediate and future business needs.  


  • Can be counted on to take personal responsibility in challenging situations and be willing to engage in disputes in order to settle them equitably


  • Will be energised by challenges and drawn towards opportunities
  • Considers the overall organisational culture when assembling individual talent


  • Confident and professional when representing the company in person and in writing

Personal and Interpersonal

  • Imbued with a strong sense of customer focus (internal/external)
  • A candid team player who collaborates with peers to solve problems
  • Promotes a win-win ethos and inclusive team culture in line with business strategy  
  • Instinctively discerns what drives his or her audience and deftly ignites and steers their sense of purpose to a common goal  
  • Committed to self-improvement and development through the role in order to achieve career goals
  • Firm and diplomatic when negotiating

Is known to consistently adhere to ethical principles and expects others to follow suit


• Time served in a mechanical based discipline.


  • Experience in a similar position
  • Working knowledge of Oil and Gas rentals, refurbishment, assembly environment
  • Ability to create and track individual and team metrics
  • Previous experience of Assembly and Refurbishment of Oil Field equipment

Skills, training or special knowledge

  • Computer literacy (including good command of Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook)
  • Working and proven experience of cost control
  • Trained Competency Management System (Workplace) Assessor

We welcome your application via the link to NOV’s career page https://www.nov.com/careers/where you can submit your CV and further details about your experience.


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