Company is Looking for Cuttings Re-Injection Lead

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Position: Cuttings Re-Injection Lead

Minimum 5 years related field experience.  

 Degree qualified/Graduate Engineer or Equivalent Experience

 Cuttings Re-Injection Lead:

Areas of Responsibility                    

  • Act as the Company worksite single point of accountability for ES services                                                                                                             
  • Manage all Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental aspects at the Rig site                                                                                                              
  • Compliance with Company and client systems of work implementation                                                                                             
  • Drive and maintain the competence and performance of the company team servicing the project         
  • Ensure the integrity of the waste management equipment utilized on the project                 
  • Compliance with Company and Client reporting requirements


  • QHSE                                                                                              
  • Drive company QHSE Management System and Client Policies and procedures implementation           
  • Ensure project exceeds company and client expectations in terms of QHSE metrics (HOC’s, incidents/accidents, LTI/LTA, SOC/Focus, Boss, etc)                                                                                                        
  • Ensure appropriate response and resolution of client raised QHSE issues                                                                                                                 
  • Exercise visible QHSE leadership                                                  


  • Develop and maintain offshore teams cohesion, focus and motivation.
  • Perform staff appraisals as per Company and Client requirements                                                                                               
  • Hold periodic presentations and/or conversations with clients with the objective of soliciting feedback on Company performance               

Operations Management                                                                                    

  • Supervise rig site team in the daily operation and maintenance of the ES equipment             
  • Carry out equipment preventative maintenance and maintaining a record                                                                                                                  
  • Carry out equipment troubleshooting and repair                                                                                             
  • Attend Rig Site meetings as required (daily morning, adhoc meetings, etc)                                                                                                                      
  • Liaise with project Engineer on crew changes    
  • Maintain rig site inventory of assets, consumables, etc, and ensure sufficient stock is maintained onboard by providing Project Engineer with timely forecasting                 
  • Ensure equipment received at the rig site is maintained fit for purpose, maintains records of preventative maintenance                                                  
  • Ensure that Equipment received at the rig site arrives ready, serviced and in compliance with Company and Client requirements for certification, etc                                                                                          
  • Carries out commissioning/decommissioning and mobilisation equipment as per Project Engineer instructions                                 
  • Liaises with client on managing rig site logistics (DCB’s, etc)                                                                                                  
  • Manage Company and Client subcontractors involved in waste management operations at the rig site (skips, LDCB’s, certification, Instrumentation, etc)                                                    

Operational Planning                 

  • Under Project Engineer directions, carry out nonstandard operations such as tank cleaning, as well as interface with company Drilling Fluids and Wellbore Productivity Support personnel on site, during operations such as filtration, LCM handling, etc           
  • Liaise with Project Engineer on the state of readiness of contingency plans for failure of main waste management system          
  • Generate technical recommendations aimed at improving future operations         
  • Provide onsite services to the operator for Environmental Services (ES) Cuttings Re-Injection equipment.
  • Advise customer representatives on product application and installation.
  •  Maintain surveillance of competitor’s activities.
  • Prepare operational and technical reports for customers.
  • Determine operation parameters for equipment and systems . Clean, maintain, and run unit equipment to optimize  operating parameters .
  • Inspect, test, service and repair equipment to ensure working condition .
  • Assemble and install equipment for operation . Monitor, operate and control equipment .
  • Manage spare parts and equipment inventory .
  • Document equipment operations for future use and traceability purposes through daily reporting procedures common to the area.
  • Plan all aspects of waste management operations including but not limited to making recommendations as to expected volume of cuttings generated, number of SDCB or LDCB required, achievable ROP and manpower requirements.
  • Plan and coordinate execution of non standard operations such as tank cleaning, as well as interface with company Drilling Fluids and Wellbore Productivity Support personnel, during operations such as filtration, LCM handling, etc. 
  • Attend Client planning exercises (DWOP, tech limits, etc). 
  • Maintain contingency plans for failure of main waste management system on each installation.
  • Perform Rig Surveys and generate technical recommendations, plans and statement of requirements (equipment, materials, personnel, etc) for client new projects/installations 
  • Drive the implementation of Client initiatives (Tech limits, Cost tracking, Logistics, QHSE, etc). 
  • Prepare data as required by Client reviews, (end of well, Performance Reviews, Environmental discharges, etc).
  • Converse with operator and contractor personnel about routine operating procedures and service related to equipment operation . Prepare equipment maintenance reports.
  • Evaluate equipment installation to determine if equipment has been misapplied .
  • Troubleshoot equipment malfunctions to complete equipment repairs
  • Ensure implementation of the Company’s and Client’s Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Policies and Procedures within his area of responsibility. 
  • Gather operating information to make necessary changes to optimize equipment performance.
  • Review reports to detect changes in system parameters .
  • Explain product function and tips on troubleshooting to customer and rig personnel.
  • Perform staff appraisals as per Company and Client requirements .
  • Ensure implementation of the Company’s and Client’s Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Policies and Procedures within his/her area of responsibility.                

Cost Tracking

  • Maintain records of equipment, personnel and products utilisation at the rig site                                                                                

Technical Support                                                                                     

  • Monitor the performance of all equipment systems providing rig team with recommendations for improvement and/or troubleshooting issues as they arise         
  • Liaise with drilling contractors as required to ensure smooth operation of interfaces between rig and ES equipment systems                                                                
  • Conduct inspections of rig installations and perform documented audits including follow up plans to close identified issues      

Company Systems of Work                           

  • Implement the ES Systems of Work as relevant to this position and actively contribute to the SOW continuous improvement        
  • Monitor others adherence to the ES Systems of work, provide coaching as required                                       
  • Implement the Management of Change process to ensure the SOW are maintained current       

Client Systems of Work         

  • Drive the implementation of Client initiatives (Tech limits, Cost tracking, Logistics, QHSE, etc)      
  • Monitor compliance of waste management equipment with Client integrity management guidelines    


  • Daily reports                                                      
  • Deliver approved field service, delivery tickets and month end signed accrual sheet  to project engineer within 3 days of the month end 
  • End of well recaps                                                                                       
  • Maintenance reports as required               
  • Competence Performance database        
  • Handover notes                                                                                              
  • Client evaluation                                                                                             
  • Generate other reports as required      


  • Maintain current with company product portfolio                                                                                         
  • Actively seek opportunities for new technologies introduction, product replacement, etc       
  • Maintain current with client long term plans and new projects                                                                                                   
  • Be aware of competitors presence/activity at the rig site and communicate with project engineer           

Interested candidates shall e-mail their CVs’ to azerecruitment@slb.com with name of position in e-mail title.


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