Azerbaijan Increased Gas Exports to Turkey by 15% in 2018

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Azerbaijan exported 7,521.15 million cubic meters (mcm) of gas from the Shah Deniz field to Turkey in 2018, which is 14.9% higher than in 2017, according to the Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Council.

According to the Council, in December 2018, the export of Azerbaijani gas to Turkey amounted to 794.56 mcm (an increase of 34.42% by December 2017). At the same time, in the total volume of gas supplies to Turkey in December, Azerbaijan accounted for 13.13%.

In general, in December, gas exports to Turkey amounted to 6,052.56 mcm (an increase of 0.95% compared with December 2017). In 2017, Azerbaijani gas supplies to Turkey amounted to 6,544 mcm.


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