Iran has plans for selling oil under US sanctions: Veep

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First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri said the country had plans for ensuring continuation of its oil sales under fresh US sanctions.

The official said on Sunday, “The Americans keep highlighting plans for the November 4 sanctions, and say they would bring Iran’s oil exports to zero; therefore, some countries have surrendered and some disregarded the hype, and we have also found a number of new partners for the sale of our oil and there are solutions to export our oil.”

According to the Rouhani Administration website, Jahangiri said, “Under the eleventh administration, we managed to restore stability and calm to the economy, one-digit inflation rate was ensured and the international atmosphere was fine,” he said, adding that the administration intended to manage the international and domestic political conditions in such a way that stability and calmness could be restored in the economy.

Stating that “I’m not saying it will be simple,” he stated: “We have a difficult way, but we must succeed with the will of all of us, and realize that US sanctions are against the Iranian nation.”

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