Automatic railway loading facility is put into operation at Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex

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New automatic railway loading facility of Kenar Oil Terminal was put into operation at Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex. 

Opening of this facility will significantly increase throughput capacity of oil terminal of Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex and reliability of transportation of production made by the largest petrochemical facility of the region to local and foreign clients. New railway loading dock gives opportunity to load 3,850,000 tons of oil products including 1,800,000 tons of gasoline to railway tanks and to send it by the railway.

Meeting international standards, the complex is provided with modern technological equipment, measuring and monitoring devices, relative programme software providing automatic control of the process of shipment of oil products, operative information about the work of units, monitoring and control of data, its processing as well as with automatic systems of emergency and firefighting systems.

The loading deck has two railway lines allowing simultaneous servicing of railway tankers from each side. One of the line will be used for loading of jet fuel while another one for gasoline, diesel fuel and other. Filling of oil products to the tankers is carried out according to the given weight using automatic weight system.

It also has specialized equipment that catches and collects the vapours appearing during the spill of the oil products. Therefore, the loss of oil products and, which is the main thing, the environmental pollution will be prevented.in addition, highly efficient filters have been installed on the pipelines supplying the jet fuel from Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex. It will improve the quality of fuel and thus, the safety of the flights on the aircrafts will increase.

The commissioning works at railway loading dock were completed by the specialists of joint venture Тurkmengazavtomatika & Krohne, which was founded by the State Concern Turkmengaz and Dutch company Krohne Oil & Gas B.V. This venture is specialized in project design of high technology oil and gas facilities, provision of innovative control and power supply systems, development of necessary software. It also makes construction, installation and commissioning works, service and maintenance of the facilities after the commissioning.

Located not far from Turkmenbashy, the Kenar Oil Storage and Offloading Terminal is connected with Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex by the network of pipelines. Which are used to deliver the oil products to marine oil terminal. From the terminal, the ships of national maritime fleet and other states export the products. Maritime transportation of crude oil from the southwestern deposits of Balkan Velayat to Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex goes through the same terminal.

It is also worth mentioning that Kenar Oil Storage and Offloading Terminal is equipped with SCADA telecommunication system of collection, processing and transfer of data. It provides high level of automation of the process of loading, storage and offloading of oil products, reliability of control of all facilities and hence, ecological safety of the complex located on Caspian coast.

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