TAPI: How Afghanistan will manage Turkmen gas?

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30-year-old dream of Afghanistan on gas pipeline will come true, will help not only to provide the country the energy, but will give momentum industrial development.

As reported news agency ORIENT, this is stated in the analytical article published recently agency Reuters.

What role will play Turkmen “blue fuel” in the industrial sector of the economy of Afghanistan? Plans have of Kabul on this account few – from direct flow in the heating system residential sectors to ensure himzavodov. Of course, their implementation is preceded by a lot of effort – need to provide the necessary funding 5% of the shares of Afghanistan on the project, to resolve the issues with the security, to attract investors.

“They think about how the pipeline, which is not was built for 30 years old, it will be laid and will be able full to function in a few years,” said in an interview Reuters acting minister of mines and oil industry Afghanistan Nargis Nehan. Slowly but surely Afghanistan is moving forward in the direction of TAPI, contrary to some skeptical of the opinion that, by the way, zaglushayutsya powerful support of the world community, for example, the UN.

In the western province of Afghanistan the Herat being geophysical research, and construction of transnational pipeline there are planning to start in the fall. The ministry of mines and oil industry continues technical work on the project. As for the safety of the afghan MIA posted thousands of force for the protection of the future construction. When output at full power in 1840-kilometer, TAPI annually in Afghanistan will come to 5 billion cubic meters of gas, which will go to the satisfaction of the needs of the country, dependent imported electricity and often colliding with energy shortage.

According to the country director Asian Development Bank Samuel Tumiv, currently in conjunction with the World bank ADB develop feasibility justification of the project for the development of electricity from gas, which will eat businesses for the production of fertilizers and petrochemical plants. “On the gas distribution system Herat, third-largest city of Afghanistan, gas can directly to go in the house for heating and generate electricity for factories for the production of juices and processing of nuts. It opens opportunities for Herat as industrial city,” said the representative ADB.

State energy company Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) is your plans to use Turkmen “blue fuel”, working on questions about the choice of the place of construction power plant, raw materials for which will serve as a gas supplies, TAPI.

In addition, DABS expect to receive additional amounts of natural gas on the first years of functioning of the pipeline, as long as it is fully will not be laid on the territory of Pakistan and India. Disposal of gas will require additional infrastructure for his transportation from the main pipeline is feeder line, compressor station.

According to Tumiv  these costs and afghan share capital investment is likely to be covered by the international donors. “Unlike other projects in Afghanistan, pipeline, TAPI will bring the country immediate profit and gas, says Nargis Nehan. – With investment point of view, I think it is better to focus on such projects”. Start practical implementation of the project, TAPI in the territory of Afghanistan was given in February this year. The first gas supplies are expected to 2019-2020 year.


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