China in 2017 increased gas imports from Central Asia by 13%

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In 2017, China received 38.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas via the Central Asia-China gas pipeline, which is 13.37 percent more than last year, said a pipeline operator company in Khorgos city (Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region, North-West China).

The Central Asia-China gas pipeline starts in Turkmen-Uzbek border city of Gedaim, runs through Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan and crosses the Chinese-Kazakh border in Khorgos city.

The pipeline’s length is 1,830 kilometers and its total capacity will reach 55 billion cubic meters a year. As of late 2017, the total gas supplies to China amounted to 203.2 billion cubic meters.

Supplies via the gas pipeline are mainly carried out from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. However, it was possible to establish new supplies from Kazakhstan as well.

At least 15 percent of the total natural gas consumed annually in China comes from Central Asia, the company said.

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