Azerbaijan Begins to Consume Less Gasoline

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Oil production in Azerbaijan in 2016 decreased compared to 2015 by 9.1% to 2 billion 772.7 million manat. This is evidenced by the State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan.

According to statistics, in 2016 there was an increase in the production of fuel oil – by 48.1% to 485.8 thousand tons, and of oil bitumen – by 4.3% to 179.2 thousand tons.

Production of motor gasoline decreased by 5.8% to 1 million 153.2 thousand tons, and of straight-run gasoline – by 4.1% to 197.4 thousand tons. Kerosene production fell by 8.9% to 627.3 thousand tons, diesel fuel – by 17.4% to 2 million 315.2 thousand tons, lubricating oils – by 61.7% to 9.7 thousand tons, and petroleum coke – by 17.4% to 204.9 thousand tons.

It should be noted that since 2014 Azerbaijan has not supplied gasoline for export. The entire production at the refinery named after Heydar Aliyev is supplied to the domestic market.

According to statistics, while in 2014 the volume of gasoline consumption in Azerbaijan amounted to 1,412.3 thousand tons (in this case the volume of imports of high-octane gasoline reached 199.8 thousand tons), in 2015 this figure fell to 1,337 tons (imports – 47.3 thousand tons). In 2016 the volume of gasoline imports amounted to about 50 thousand tons, but in August in connection with the temporary stoppage of the Heydar Aliyev Refinery, Azerbaijan also imported 30 thousand tons of gasoline AI-93.

Let’s remind that on results of 2016 the import of cars to Azerbaijan reduced to a minimum – 5,746 units. In 2014 the figure was 63,368, and in 2013 – 104,385 (peak).

Reduction of gasoline consumption over the past three years, despite the growth of the vehicle fleet in the country, influenced by several factors: a) the sharp rise in price of parking lots in Baku, especially in the city center; b) the restriction of entry of vehicles with regional numbers into the capital; c) the rising cost of fuel at the end of 2013; d) improving the quality of public transport, while maintaining the cost of travel.

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