Why So Many Oilmen Killed in Narimanov Oil and Gas Extracting Department?

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Yesterday at 5 a.m. as a result of an accident at the oil gathering station №3 of the Oil and Gas Extracting Department (OGED) named after  N. Narimanov at the Azneft production union 10 people are missed, SOCAR’s press office reported.

kaspiyyAccording to information, the accident occurred due to the strong wind of 41 meters per second. So, as a result of gusts of wind ​​the oil gathering station with the length of 150 meters dropped into the sea along with the attached area and a living booth on it. Five men who were on duty at the gathering station, and five people who were in the booth are missing.

Later, the body of one of the missing oil workers, Ilham Gafarov, was delivered to the shore by the rescue vessel Garadagh-8.

Turan IA reminds that OGED named after Narimanov has often faced accidents, some of them fatal, over the past three years. According to SOCAR’s report released in April 2014, the driver Mais Kazimov, born in 1965, without waiting for the mooring at the pier, jumped on the site, but fell into the gap between the edge of the ship and the quay. In the fall, he received wounds from which he died.

On October 23, 2014, due to disrepair, platform №441 on the territory of the same OGED collapsed during the maintenance work. The van located on it crashed into the sea. Four oilmen were killed.

On November 6, 2014 at 16 o’clock an overpass 60 meters long between pads No 310 and No 312 on the territory of NGDU Narimanov collapsed. As a result of the accident, an oil pipe with a diameter of 250 mm, passing on the overpass, collapsed. As a result of operational measures 4 oilmen were taken out of the water. Two of them were killed.

However, the largest state of emergency in the history of SOCAR was December 4, 2015 – 30 oilmen died on the field Guneshli and three – on the Oil Rocks.

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