Georgia Announced Imports of Electricity from Azerbaijan in 2017

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Electricity_250408The Ministry of Energy of Georgia has approved the balance of power in the country in 2017, according to which it is planned to increase electricity imports by 93.1% compared to the balance of the year, and export – by 30.8%.

According to materials published on the website of the office, in 2017 it is expected to import electricity from Azerbaijan in the amount of 823.8 million kWh. Export of electricity is projected at 790.2 million kWh, of which 110.4 million kWh is envisaged for the supply to Russia (corresponds to the planned figure for this year), 679.8 million kWh – to Turkey (up 37.8%).

Electricity production in Georgia in the future is planned in the amount of 11 billion 730.3 million kWh (1.4% growth). It is expected that hydropower plants will develop 9 billion 177 million kWh (6.5% growth), and thermal power plants – 2 billion 553.4 million kWh (13.5% reduction).

Electricity supplies to consumers throughout the year will be provided in the amount of 11 billion 224.4 million kWh (3.9% growth). In particular, direct consumers (large enterprises and organizations) will receive 1 billion 102.7 million kWh (9.8% decrease). Abkhazia will be delivered 2 billion kWh of electricity (7.9% growth).

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