Turkmenistan increases liquefied gas production

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Turkmengas state concern has produced 128,800 tons of liquefied gas since early 2016, which is more than the target plan for the period, the Turkmen Oil and Gas Complex said.

gas_Gas processing complexes, which are located in the east of the country, are provided with fuel from Nayip, Balguyi, Kerpichli, Bovrideshik and Gazlydepe deposits.

Earlier, it was reported that Afghanistan, Georgia, Iran, Tajikistan and Pakistan buy the Turkmen liquefied gas.

A number of natural gas fields in Turkmenistan contain sufficient propane-butane, which stipulates the feasibility of the construction of units to produce liquefied petroleum gas.

Some tank gas is supplied to the domestic market. Turkmengas state concern and a power plant in the city of Turkmenbashi are the main consumers.

The remaining volumes are used in the country’s refineries for the production of polypropylene and high-octane gasoline component.


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