Kazakhstan starts producing Euro-5 gasoline

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Commercial production of Euro-5 fuel has been launched in Western Kazakhstan, Development Bank of Kazakhstan, which finance the project, reported.

dizelThe refining facility worth over 26 billion tenge (330.24 tenge = $1) has a capacity of more than 200,000 tons of gasoline per year and will help cover the needs of the western regions of Kazakhstan in qualitatively high-octane gasoline. Moreover some oil products such as gas oil and tar will be exported.

By the end of the year, the Condensate Company, which implements the project, plans to launch a vacuum distillation section, which will allow to increase the share of light oil products output to 90 percent.
The total cost of the refinery is 56.5 billion tenge. The Development Bank of Kazakhstan has provided 70 percent of the required funding for 11 years.

In 2017 Condensate company plans to produce 487,301 tons of oil products, including 139,517 tons of AI-92 gasoline, 26,836 tons of AI-95 gasoline, 23,224 tons of diesel fuel, 157,115 tons of straight-run fraction gas oil, 68,443 tons of vacuum gas oil, 16,076 tons of tar and 14,591 tons of fuel oil.
The design capacity of Euro-5 high-octane gasoline production will hit 200,000 tons per year including 114,000 tons of A-92, 86,000 tons of AI-95.


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