SOCAR to drill new wells on three Azerbaijani fields

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azerbaijan fieldsSOCAR will extract about 5,480 tons of oil a year from three new wells, which are being drilled on the offshore fields Pirallakhi Deniz and Banka Darvina and the onshore field Saadan, reported SOCAR.

The same source said that the target depth of the well No 1155 on the Pirallahi Deniz field is 770 meters and the well No 767 on the Banka Darvina field is 1490 meters.

The target depth of the well on the onshore field Saadan is 1300 meters. The well will be drilled to the productive bed Govundag Maikop. According to the geologists’ estimates, daily production rate of each well will be 4-5 tons a day.

The works are performed by SOCAR’s drilling company as a part of the program to stabilize and increase oil extraction.

From January to July 2016 SOCAR extracted 4.42 million tons of oil against 4.84 million tons during the same period in 2015.

 * Pirallahi field was put into operation in 1902. During this period over 27 million tons of oil has been extracted from this field. According to the latest estimates, the field’s resources total about 2 million tons.

Banka Darvina field is being developed since 1950 by Absheronneft oil and gas production company. The residual oil resources of the field total 3 million tons.

Saadan field is being developed by Siazanneft oil and gas production company, which is a part of Azneft.

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