BP to lay off employees in Azerbaijan again

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BP-az2BP announced yesterday that during two years about 4,000 people will be laid off in the exploration and production subdivision throughout the world.

The company reported that the company is forced to do that, because of low oil prices.

The lay off in the exploration and production fields will occur in such regions as Angola, Azerbaijan as well as the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea.

A total of 4,000 out of 24,000 employees in this subdivision will be laid off. The layoff will last two years till December 2017.

 The company reported that the main reason of this step is low oil prices, caused by a low demand for oil in the world, strong US dollar and excess of resources.

BP company made this statement in early December 2014. The employees working in the company’s subdivisions in the US, UK, Germany and Azerbaijan were laid off on January 1, 2015. Last year number of BP’s employees in Azerbaijan dropped by 250.

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