From January to November oil extraction in Kazakhstan dropped by 1.8%

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678From January to November 2015 oil extraction in Kazakhstan totaled 60,731,000 tons, down 1.8% against the same period in 2014.

            The Statistical Committee of the Kazakhstan Ministry of Economy reported that during 11 months, 2015 gas condensate extraction increased by 0.1% up to 11,783,000 tons.

            From January to November Kazakhstan extracted 19,657,000,000 cub.m. of natural gas (growth by 1.9%) and 21,634,000,000 cub.m. of associated oil gas (growth by 9.4%).

            From January to November 2015 production of petrol, including aviation fuel, decreased by 5.8% to 2,607,000 tons. Diesel fuel production decreased by 9.8% to 4,195,000 tons, while black oil – by 4.2% to 3,489,000 tons.

            The Statistical Committee reported that Kazakhstan reduced coal production by 5.7% against the same period last year to 96,883,000 tons.

            Generation of electric energy totaled 82,474,000,000 KWH, down 3.2% against a year earlier.

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