Texas has free night electricity for population

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техас-елестроAt present in Dallas, taxes, thousands of customers of TXU Energy company do not pay for the electricity, which they use between 9.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m. The reason is not only slightly overpriced “day time” electricity, but also excess of power generated by wind turbines.

            Texas has the strongest winds at night time, which generate ridiculously cheap power, thanks to the federal tax credits. The electric energy is so cheap that the company has decided to supply it to the customers for free.

            Wind power constitutes 10% of power generated in this state, which is the highest ration in the country. Texas also has its own power network, which is not connected with other states. This actually means that power generated in Texas must be consumed only in Texas. TXU Energy recommends its customers to take advantage of free power.

            New York Times reported that by providing power free of charge, the company actually saves money in the long-term. Excess of wind power is subject to the power system tax, therefore it will cost more considering technical maintenance and operation costs.

            * According to the Investment Bank Lazard’s evaluation, minimum possible cost of 1 Mwt power without subsidies reduced from $101 to $37.00 in 2009. During the same period more progress has been achieved in the solar power – cost of 1 Mwt power reduced by almost 80% from $323 to $72.00. The power stations running in gas generate power with the price of $61.00-87.00 per 1 Mwt.  Thus, the regions with strong winds or clear weather such power stations could generate cheaper power.

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