SOCAR plans to invest 50 million Euro into Romanian oil products market

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romania_socar_azsIn 2015-2016 SOCAR plans to open 13-14 petrol stations in Romania under SOCAR brand name, reported Romanian media quoting Vitalli Beglyarbekov, SOCAR Deputy Vice President for Marketing and Investments.

He said at present the company owns a network of 32 petrol stations under SOCAR brand name in Romania.

“We are very proud that we were able to create the company, which numbers about 500 employees and involved in many operations in Romania. However, we are going to do even more and our first step will be to increase number of petrol stations and volume of sale of oil products at the local market. In particular, till the end of 2015 we are going  to open three or four new petrol stations in Romania and next years – ten mores stations,” Beglyarbekov said.

He said some petrol stations will be built from anew, while other will be purchased and renamed.

“SOCAR has already invested 50 million Euro into Romania and it is going to spend the similar amount in the coming 2-3 years to expand its network of petrol stations,” Beglyarbekov added.

SOCAR started working in Romania since 2011.

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