In 20 years solar power to leave behind traditional sources of fuel

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solarIn 20 years the solar power will become efficient and accessible, so it will be unprofitable to build infrastructure for the traditional sources of fuel, such oil, coal and gas, reported Bloomberg agency quoted the exerts report.

The price of solar power will continue going down, until it becomes very cheap. Experts believe that by 2026 commercial solar power will be competitive at the majority markets and in 25 more years price of the life cycle of solar power station (running on solar batteries) will go down as twice with the growing price of fossil fuel, reported PRIME.

According to the experts’ estimates, gradually solar power will become construction of traditional power blocs, high voltage power lines and other infrastructure, but for the operation of the existing objects.

By 2040 accumulated investments into the solar power will reach $3.7 trillion, which will increase the total capacity of solar power stations up to more than one third of the new capacities of the world energy (200 GBt).

“By 2040 electricity from the solar panel on its own roof in almost all significant economies will be cheaper, than the network and by that time almost 13% of world power will be generated by the autonomous installations,” reads the report.

World power consumption will not be increased , because of the advance growth of economy of the final consumers, thus, transition from the ordinary incandescent lamps to LED illumination saves 80% of power.

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