By 2050 US plans to generate about 35% power from wind

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kulek-avtoThe Obama administration said that by 2050 about 35% power of the country could be generated from wind, reads the report of the US Energy Department.

 “Wind power remains one of the best solutions of the US, which allows generating cheap and renewable energy with a low pollution level. The number of the markets, where wind power could become a cheap source of accessible power, grows,” reads the document.

 Now we generate 4.5% of power from wind , but this index is expected to double and by 2020 it will reach 10%.

  Thanks to the improved technologies the wind power has become a reliable and cheap source and started spreading throughout of the country very fast. Therefore, the growth of use of wind power will lead to a positive effect in fields of environment and economy. This will lead to reduction of CO2 emission and growth of workplace in construction of wind farms and other objects of accompanying infrastructure.

The report forecasts that by 2050 cost of wind power could drop by 37% and the consumers will be able to save $14 billion a year by that time.

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