State Statistical Committee released its final data about energy sector in 2014

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imageAccording to the State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan, in 2014 Azerbaijan extracted 42,041,800 tons of oil and condensate. Production decreased by 3.2% against 2013, reported the Committee.
​The Committee also reported that last year the country extracted 41,892,900 tons of oil and condensate. During a year the production decreased by 2.8%.
​In 2014 the country extracted 29,419,300,000 cub.m. of gas (including technical gas, which was injected into the oil wells to maintain bed pressure) (growth by 0.7%). The volume of tank gas totaled 18,728,700,000 cub.m. (growth by 4.9%). Considering this, one can say that during 2014 10,689,600,000 cub.m. of gas was injected into the oil wells, burnt on the torches and etc.

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