SOCAR over fulfilled its plan to state budget by 1.65%

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During 2014 SOCAR transferred 1,855,230,000 AZN to the state budget against the plan of 1,825,000,000 AZN. The plan was over fulfilled by 1.65%, reported SOCAR’s press office.

SOCAR has increased payments to the state budget of Azerbaijan by 17.8% against 2013.

In December 2014 SOCAR paid taxes to the amount of 148,309,000 AZN to the state budget.

            During 2014 SOCAR paid 141,240,000 AZN to the State Social Security Fund as mandatory social insurance (decline by 12.9% against 2013). In December 2014 the company paid 11,706,000 AZN to the Social Security Fund.

            In 2013 average export price of oil was $109.7 per barrel. In 2014 1 barrel of Azerbaijani oil cost slightly over $100.

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