Gasoline prices fall in Kazakhstan

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The maximum retail price for gasoline AI-92/93 fell from 115 tenge per liter to 109 tenge per liter (182.35 tenge = $ 1) in Kazakhstan, Kazakh energy ministry reported.

Reduction in gas prices is envisaged by Kazakh energy minister’s order No 229 from Dec. 30.

The maximum retail prices for gasoline AI-80 remained at 89 tenge per liter, for gasoline AI-92/93 at 107 tenge per liter.

This is the second reduction of prices for oil products in Dec. in Kazakhstan. On Dec, 10 gasoline AI-92/93 were decreased in price from 128 tenge per liter to 115 tenge per liter.

Maximum retail diesel prices were decreased from 115 tenge per liter to 107 tenge per liter. Gasoline AI- 80 remained at 89 tenge per liter on Dec. 10.


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