EU to seek energy independence of Russia

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Флаги России, ЕС, Франции и герб Ниццы на набережной Ниццы

John Kerry, US Secretary of States, said on Wednesday that Federica Mogerini, head of the EU diplomacy, assured him that measures will be taken o achieve “energy independence” of Russia.

            “The problem is that the only way to deliver energy resources from Russia passes through Ukraine. We have offered very detailed plans and the EU high-ranking official has assured me Europe has already working to achieve independence,” Kerry said after the meeting with Mogerini in Washington.

            “Less dependence, less vulnerability and this is good both for Europe and US,” Kerry added.

            Earlier the EU leaders have urged the European Commission to submit the bill on creation of the Energy Union in EU till March 2015. The Energy Union does not exist yet, EU started talking about its creation last spring after the conflict in Ukraine, which ensures transit of Russian gas to Europe. In the bill the Union must be opposed to Russia as the main export of the energy resources to Europe and make EU more energy independence. However, there are no precise outlines of the Union yet.

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