Kazakhstan Energy Ministry does not expect significant rise in petrol prices

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Uzakbay Karabalin, Kazakhstan First Vice Minister of Energy, refuted information about possible rise in petrol prices up to 300 tenge (181.09 tenge = 1 USD) per liter.

            “Prices will, possibly, go up a little bit, but I do not think they will exceed 300 tenge,” Karabalin said at a briefing in the Central Communication Service on Wednesday.

            He said at present several companies deliver oil to the plants, including KazMunaiGas, Ozenmunaigas, MangistauMunaiGas , PetroKazakhstan and others. They all deliver all for refining.

            Exploration is in progress, fields are discovered and development of other fields is in progress, Vice Minister added. “We think that in any case share of the fields in supplying of the oil refineries will be significant,” Karabalin added.

            Kazakhstan’s Senator Lazzat Kiinov said earlier that the Kazakhstan government should intensify the works to explore and discover new oil and gas fields to avoid oil price change. He said that big western companies want to deliver oil for local refining at the world prices. If Kazakhstan’s oil refineries pay world prices for the oil, then AI-95 and AI-95 petrol price will be 350-370 tenge per liter.

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