Hungary has accused EU of breakdown of South Stream construction

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Hungary's PM Orban arrives at an EU leaders summit in BrusselsHungarian Premier Viktor Orban has accused Brussels of sabotaging the South Stream gas pipeline construction. “EU has been working hard to wreck the project,” Reuters quoted head of the Hungarian government.
Orban’s cabinet supported development of Gasprom’s global project and was strongly criticized for that by the European Union’s partners.
The decision to suspend the South Stream project has caught Orban’s government unawares and some Hungarian officials have heard this news from media, Reuters claims.
The politicians opposed to Orban have accused him of an intention to stake at the relationships with Russian and its President Vladimir Putin as well as ignoring “rational reasons” and common interests of allies.
The politicians criticizing Orban admitted that Russia’s refusal to build the South Stream gas pipeline is nothing, but “loss of face” for the Hungarian Premier and the situation is not that bad to threaten the authorities.
Yesterday in his interview to 444.hu Orban said that the Hungarian government has been looking for the alternative to the South Stream. Premier added that in order to ensure safe deliveries, Hungary needs the gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine. “We have to work out new possibilities and the work has already started,” said Premier and added that Hungary has “good relationships with Azerbaijan.”

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