Petrochemical plant in Iran’s West Azerbaijan province to be commissioned soon

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electrochemical_plant_021013A petrochemical plant constructed near the city of Mahabad will be commissioned in the coming two months, deputy governor of Iran’s West Azerbaijan province, the mayor of Mahabad city Jafar Katani told Azerbaijani reporters in Iran on Nov.27.
The city of Mahabad is the largest industrial center of Iran’s West Azerbaijan province.
He said the plant’s products will meet not only the demands of the city of Mahabad, but also four neighboring provinces.
“The petrochemical plant is being constructed by a private company,” Katani said. “The raw material will be delivered to the plant via the railway running from Kermanshah province to West Azerbaijan province.”
The mayor added that 300 metric tons of polyethylene are to be produced at the plant. “Mahabad is one of the Iranian cities which has great potential to develop the spheres of tourism, agriculture and industry.”
Katani said all main roads there will have a two-way traffic in the coming two years, adding that a railway has been commissioned in the city as well.
He said Mahabad is a city where Sunnis live; “This city constantly develops by the will of the country’s authorized persons”.
The deputy governor said although representatives of various religions and ethnic groups live in the region, there are not any problems among them.
“We are interested in cooperation with Azerbaijan and invite our Azerbaijani brothers to make investments here in the sphere of tourism, industry and agriculture,” said Katani.
Katani added that a special economic zone will be created in the city of Mahabad in the near future and Iranian products will be exported to the neighboring countries through it.
The population of the city of Mahabad is 160,000 people. The total area of the city is equal to 27,000 square kilometers.

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