Oil products consumption constantly grows in Azerbaijan

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From January to September 2014 oil products consumption at the local market of Azerbaijan totaled 2.7 million tons. Oil products consumption increased by 1% against the same period last year, reported the Azerbaijan State Statistical Committee.

            The structure of the local consumption looks as following: 38.8% of diesel fuel, 38.4% of automobile gasoline, 6.6% of oil bitumen, 4.9% gasoline as raw material for the petrochemical industry, 4.8% aviation kerosene, 4.4% liquefied gas, 1.4% lubricating materials, 0.6% of black oil, 0.04% oil coke and the remaining share falls to other oil products.

            Since early year automobile gasoline consumption increased by 5.6%, diesel fuel by 1.4%, gasoline for the petrochemical industry by 36%, lubricating oils by 9.4%, aviation kerosene by 6.9% and liquefied gas by 1.1%.

            According to the State Statistical Committee, by November 1, 2014 the warehouses of Azerbaijan’s oil refineries stored 50,600 tons of gasoline, 6,200 tons of virgin gasoline, 27,800 tons of aviation kerosene, 54.400 tons of diesel fuel, 12,000 tons of lubricating oils and 9,200 tons of oil bitumen.

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