During IV Caspian summit Turkmenistan spoke about perspectives of Turkmen gas deliveries to Europe

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Turkmenistan focused its activities at the precise and universal fulfillment of the UN General resolution of May 17, 2013 “Reliable and Stable Transit of Energy Carriers and Its Role in Stable Development and International Cooperation”, which has been co-sponsored by 71 member-states, first secretary of the Turkmenistan embassy in Azerbaijan Batyr Rejepov said at a briefing on September 29, 2014.

            “We are going to create the international expert group to work out a new international and legal mechanism aimed at efficient international cooperation in the energy field.

            Turkmenistan has requested the member-states, the UN Secretariat and all interested sides to provide their recommendations on the activities of the international expert group within the acceptable term and also delegate their representatives to the group,” Rejepov added.

            He also added that in cooperation with the member-states and first of all co-sponsors of the resolution Turkmenistan will strive for the institutional formation of the international expert group and intensification of the dialogue aimed at reliable and stable transit of the energy carriers as a very important element of a global agenda.

            “The issue of transportation and transit of energy carriers to the international markets within the context of integration of the region into a global economy is the key element for the Middle Asia. Diversification of the routes of deliveries is an important component of this process. During the past years Turkmenistan jointly with its partners has implemented two big pipeline projects – to China and Iran. We consider operation of these gas pipelines as an important positive factor of development of the regions and its turning into one of the world energy centers. We consider the project of Turkmen natural gas deliveries to the West very perspective and we will establish cooperation with all the interested sides,” Rejepov added.

            “Another energy project, which is beyond the regional framework both in economic and political sense, is construction of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) pipeline. We strongly believe that the project’s implementation could become an important stage in development of Middle Asia and give a principally new meaning to the geopolitical and economic processes occurring in this part of the globe. In case of its implementation, in addition to its obvious economic and commercial benefits, TAPI will be able to become a starting point for Afghanistan’s real integration into a global perspective of development as an equal and reliable partner, active participant and a subject of modern economic ties. This will also have a great positive influence on Afghani people,” he added.

            “Turkmenistan will continue working to consolidate efforts of the world community to support TAPI project and create required political, financial-economic and organizational conditions,” he added.

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