How much oil and gas exports Turkmenistan?

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From January to August 2014 production of natural and associated gas in Turkmenistan constituted 111.7% against the same period last year, reported the Turkmenistan Ministry of Oil & Gas Industry and Mineral Resources of the country on Saturday.

            “Export of natural gas to foreign countries made 114.7%,” reported the same source.

            At present Turkmenistan exports natural gas to China, Iran and   Russia.

            According to BP World Energy Statistical report, during 2013 Turkmenistan extracted 11.4 million tons of oil and 62.3 billion cub.m. of gas. Last year oil consumption in Turkmenistan totaled 6.3 million tons, and gas – 22.3 billion cub.m. Considering this data one can draw a conclusion that during 2013 Turkmenistan exported 5.1 million tons of oil and 40 billion cub.m. of gas.

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