Why does China lead in solar power?

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China is the world biggest consumer of power and overwhelming majority of power (about 75%) is generated from coal. But the Asian country is going to reduce its dependence not only on coal, but also on oil and gas at the expense of solar power.

From January till the end of June the solar stations power in China increased by 3.3 Gb and this is equivalent to the entire volume of solar power of Australia – the sunniest place on the earth.

Total volume of established capacity is 23 Gb. Only Germany has higher showing of 36 Gb.

According to the Hanenergy Holding Group’s report, in 2013 China generated 12 Gb power, up 232% against the previous year. In Germany it dropped by 56.5% and in Italy by 55%.

Last year the volume of funding of solar power in China totaled $23.5 billion, which is equivalent to the size of investments in Europe.

China has become more active as compared to its competitors and in combination with growth of the solar panel manufacture field, this allows increasing capacities.

There are no doubts that pace of solar power development in China is caused by the necessity to solve the national problem. The Chinese government creates a good environment for development.

Competitors from other countries will most likely continue being behind China on the pace of power and in the future China will be the centre of solar power development.

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