This year SOCAR to export its gas at the price of $172 per 1000 cub.m.

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RUSSIA-UKRAINE-GAS-ENERGY-CUT-COMPANY-GAZPROMAccording to the meters of the Azerbaijan State Customs Committee, from January to July 2014 Azerbaijan exported 4,858,400,000 cub.m. of natural gas.

            During this period the declared volume of Azerbaijani gas export totaled 1,254,400 cub.m. of gas to the amount of $215.8 million. This means that average export price of 1000 cub.m. of Azerbaijani gas was $172.03.

            According to the meters, from January to July 2013 gas export totaled 3.94 billion cub.m., while the declared volume – 2,071,500,000 cub.m. of gas to the amount of  $494.2 million.

            According to the Customs Committee, export decreased by 56.33% in money equivalent. By August 1, 2014 share of gas in the total volume of export of the republic constituted 1.63% ($13.25 billion).

            According to the meters, in 2013 Azerbaijan exported 7,249,700,000 cub.m. of natural gas against 6,990,500,000 cub.m. in 2012. Of this volume 3.035 billion cub.m. of gas to the amount of $701,980,000 was exported on the basis of the customs declarations (growth by 8.21% in money equivalent).

According to the Customs Committee’s statistics, gas export by the international contractors from the Shah Deniz gas condensate field is not specified. Thus, the declared volume of gas does not include one delivered by the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR).

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