SOCAR started drilling of new well on Saadan onshore field.

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SOCAR’s drilling trust has started drilling of new well on Saadan onshore field, reported SOCAR.

            The target depth of the well No 1804 is 1400 meters.  The well will be drilled up to the productive bed Maikop.

            According to the geologists’ forecasts, expected daily production rate of the well is 4 tons of oil.

            The well will be drilled by order of Siyazanneft oil and gas production plant of SOCAR, which has been developing Saadan field.

            Saadan field is located on the territory of the Caspian Guba oil and gas bearing region. The geological exploration work in this region started in 1939 on the basis of detailed geological survey and industrial oil and gas content of the Maikop deposits was first discovered in 1942. Later on several oil fields have been discovered on the Chandar-Zorat, Siyazan-Nardaran, Saadan, Amirkhanly, Zagly and Zeyva areas with total length of over 50 km.

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