In October 2014 EC to know if EU members ready to gas war

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In October 2014 the European Commission will know what problems the EU member-states could face in case of temporary suspension of Russian gas deliveries through Ukraine in winter, said Marlene Holzner, official representative of the EC Energy Vice Chairman Gunter Oettinger.

            “What we are going to do till October is to ask all member-states to specify in details how they will be able to handle a short-term situation in winter, if gas deliveries are suspended.  We need to know the situation with the gas storages, is there any other way they can get gas,” Holzner said when asked if the European Union member-states are ready to the gas war.

            “In October we will know the situation and will be able to answer this question,” added the EC representative.

            She reminded that after the latest gas crisis EC has adopted the norm, according to which the member-states must have gas resources enough for one month of consumption. European Commission (EC) has also improved the gas infrastructure to give a chance to the member-states depending on the Russian gas deliveries through Ukraine to get it from other EU member-states.

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