European Commission preserves tough position to South Stream

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The European Commission still occupies tough position on the South Stream gas pipeline and insists on suspension of the project and is ready to conduct investigation with the EU member-states involved in the project, Dominique Ristory, head of the European Energy Commission, told journalists.

European Commission believes that the South Stream project aimed at diversification of the routes of Russian gas export to Europe does not correspond to the norms of the Third Energy Package. In response Russia started investigation of application of norms of this Energy Package banning the companies extracting gas from owning the pipelines in the EU in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

“At present our position to the South Stream is clear: we have offered to suspend the South Stream pipeline and revise the project in the context of energy safety of the European Union. Considering the current development of the situation in Ukraine and relationships between Ukraine and Russia, this situation cannot change now,” Ristory said.

The European Commission insists that the project must fully correspond to the European Union legislation. We have no reasons to change that, he said.

“As you know, we have already started investigation related to the South Stream. We will do the same thing if necessary in the similar conditions,” said EU representative.

Asked about investigation of the EU member-states, which must receive gas from this gas pipeline, he answered: “This is our position.” However, the Competition Department is in charge of investigation of antimonopoly cases, reported RIA Novosti.

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