US interested in development of Kashagan, Karachaganak and Tengiz fields

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Daniel Poneman, US Deputy Energy Secretary, will discuss development of Kashagan, Karachaganak and Tengiz fields with Kazakhstan Minister of Oil and Gas Uzakbay Karabalin, reported BNews.kz.

“Today (on June 26) I will have a chance to officially discuss some issues with Minister Uzakbay Karabalin. During the last several years I have been working with his predecessor Sauat Mynbayev. I am looking forward to a new dialogue. We are, certainly, interested in development of Kashagan, Karachaganak and Tengiz fields, and these issues will be discussed at today’s meeting,” Daniel Poneman said.

US Deputy Energy Secretary said that cooperation between the US and Kazakhstan in the oil and gas industry is a very important issue and the US government clearly understands role of the company involved in the Kashagan field development in this issue.

“The US and Kazakhstan governments are interested in delivering a sufficient volume of oil and natural gas to the market. The fact that US President Obama has instructed to persuade the G7 Energy Ministers to meet and discuss these issues attaches a special importance to our forthcoming meeting. Kazakhstan, certainly, plays an important role in supplying the market with oil and gas and development of Kashagan once again emphasizes this role,” added US Deputy Energy Secretary.

Stephan de Maye from ExxonMobil company has become a successor of Pierre Offan as the NCOC Managing Director from May 1, 2014.

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