Turkmenistan to contract large facilities worth $ 42 billion

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turkmenbashi2Large-scale projects of international and national importance are being implemented successfully in Turkmenistan, President Gurbangulu Berdimuhamedov said at a government meeting.

“The leader of the nation named as a bright example the total cost of the constructed facilities in the country under the contracts which is nearly $ 42 billion,” Turkmen Dovlet Khabarlary reported.

The head of the state stressed that the construction of a major seaport in Turkmenbashi has started. This port which has a strategic importance, aims to become a major transport hub on the shores of the Caspian Sea, Berdimuhamedov said.

Turkmenistan borders with Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan and Iran on the Caspian Sea. Regional transport projects have been intensified there over recent years.

The modernized large-capacity vessels of the Turkmen merchant fleet actively involved in freight cargo transportation in the Caspian Sea, serving international routes from the Turkmenbashi port to the Caspian countries ports. They extend the geography and the specification of transported goods.

Gap Insaat, which is part of Calyk Holding, following an international tender was announced the general contractor of the construction project of the Turkmenbashi port worth about $2 billion. The project involves the construction of complex structures, including terminals, shipbuilding and ship repair plants and coastal infrastructure facilities.

The “Neutral Turkmenistan” newspaper citing a statement by the head of state wrote that the country has started the construction of new enterprises of the chemical industry. Along with this, the construction of a plant that will determine the creation of a solid base for increased supplies of Turkmen natural gas to foreign countries through diversification of routes is being carried out successfully.

President Berdimuhamedov said that the work on laying the transcontinental “North-South” railway has entered the final stage, the article said. This project is being implemented under a tripartite agreement between Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Iran.

New power plants are being constructed in the country, according to the national Altyn Asir TV channel. The effective work are being done in the oil and gas sphere on the development of the new fields. The positive dynamics is also typical for the construction sector.

“The facilities of social importance are being commissioned within the framework of the adopted programs systematically, which includes institutions, museums, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, homes and many other important buildings, the president said, noting that the intense pace of work carried out in other sectors of the economy,” the report said.


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