By 2030 56% of Kazakhstan population to be supplied with natural gas

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The Kazakhstan government has approved the draft of the general gasification, which will allow gasifying about 56% of population of the republic by 2030, said Kazakhstan Oil & Gas Minister Uzakbay Karabalin.

“Therefore, by 2030 13 districts will be supplied with gas,” Karabalin added.

According to the calculations of the Ministry of Oil & Gas, investments of about 656 billion tenge will be needed. The source of the investments will be the budget on the one hand as well as local budgets and the projects of partnership between the state and private sector.

“We expect increase in the volume of consumption at the local market from the current 11 up to 18 billion cub.m. of gas a year, including for implementation of the projects of the state program of the industrial-innovative development,” Karabalin said.

He said the number of gasified settlements will increase from 988 up to 1621 units. “This means that almost 12 million people will be supplied with gas,” Minister explained.

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