Turkmen gas infrastructure to account for EU needs

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Turkmenistan-qazoTurkmenistan is establishing its gas infrastructure in expectation of European Union needs, which is expected to increase significantly in the long term prospective, according to the analytical material of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of Turkmenistan.

As noted in the material, since 2010 Turkmenistan started the construction of the “East-West” gas pipeline in order to expand exports of natural fuel to the world markets beginning in the east of the country – Shatlyk gas compressor installation.

The annual capacity of the pipeline with a pipe diameter of 1,420 mm will be 30 billion cubic meters per year. Eight gas compressor plants will be equipped with high-tech equipment. The length of the pipeline running through the territory of Mary, Akhal and Balkan provinces will be more than 766 kilometers and the end point will be the Belek installation plant in Balkan province Customer of the construction and the contractor for the project was Turkmengaz public concern. The project implementation should be completed within five years.

“Pipeline construction cost of which makes up more than $2 billion will provide wide range of opportunities for exports of “blue fuel “,” the article said.

“After the delivery of natural gas from the Galkinish field (South Eloten, Osman, Yashlar) from other subsurface to the western region of the country the possibility of its transfer to foreign countries will significantly increase. Moreover, this pipeline will dock large eastern fields of the country with its western regions,” the material said.

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