SOCAR to build offshore platform on Banka Darvina field

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State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) plans to build the offshore platform No 750 on the Banka Darvina field.

SOCAR press office reported that the offshore platform will be built on the basis of the project worked out by the Project Institute of SOCAR. Neftegasstroi trust will be a general contractor of the construction.

The platform designed to drill 10 operation wells will be installed on the sea depth of 8.5-9 meters. The daily production rate of each well is expected to be 30 tons of oil.

Modern drilling equipment, the carriage-type houses accommodating 36 people, load boards, crane with the cargo capacity of 30 tons, fire control system, mini installation for bio cleaning of water and other equipment will be installed on the eight-bloc platform.

Three diesel electric generators will be installed on the platform for a reliable energy supply of the object.

SOCAR does not announce the term beginning of construction and launching of the platform.

Banka Darvina field is being developed since 1950 by Absheronneft oil and gas production company. The extractible resources of the field total 2.6 million tons of oil and 0.5 billion cub.m. of gas.


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