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In quarter 1, 2014 BP increased profit by 14%


In quarter 1, 2014 BP’s profit totaled $3.2 billion against $2.8 billion in quarter 4, 2013 and $4.2 billion during the same period last year, reported the company. Thus, from January to March 2014 profit increased by 14.3% against October-December 2013.

The company announced the quarterly dividends at 9.75 per share, which will be paid in June, up 8.3% against a year earlier.

BP’s oil and gas production, including Russia, totaled 3.13 million barrels a day. BP’s share in production of Rosneft, in which company owns 19.75% share, totaled 1 million barrels a day.

BP estimates its share in Rosneft’s profit before taxation at $271 million, reported