Cars using petrol to be banned in Norway after 20 years

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By 2035 Oslo will become the city of ecologically clean transport. The Norwegian Working Party has offered to ban cars consuming diesel and petrol. Already today Norway is in the first place in Europe on electric cars sales.

The new environment protection project envisages ban on cars consuming diesel and petrol, reported RT.

The country, which is rich in oil, is the world leader on the number of electric cars per capita. The Norwegian government stimulates purchase of the cars by the government taxes. The electric cars are sold without VAT and the car owners will not have to pay the transport tax.

The owners of electric cars save on free ride on the toll roads, ferries and free parking at the municipal parking lots. Ecology is very important for Norwegian and choosing electric car solves the problem of air pollution. The main disadvantage of electric cars is expensive service, reported http://www.norge.ru.



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